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Water Meter Notice

Water Meter Project Update

Pick-up Date

  • Water meters and remote reading sensors can be picked-up effective May 6, 2019.

Pick-up Time

  • Office hours are 8:00am to 2:00pm – Monday thru Friday

Pick –up Location

  • The location to pick-up water meters and/or remote reading sensors is the Long Beach Township Water/Sewer Department, 13000 Long Beach Blvd. (corner of 131st Street), Beach Haven Terrace.

Cost of Water Meter (new meter prices include reading sensor/register)

Meter                                                  Price

5/8 inch                                               $196.00

3/4 inch                                               $248.00                                                                       `

1 inch                                                  $282.00

1 ½ inch                                               $570.00

2 inch                                                  $696.00


 Cost of Remote Reading Sensor and Register (if you already have a water meter)

Remote Reading Sensor                      $96.00

Remote Reading Sensor/Register       $190.00

*If you already have a water meter, it is necessary to purchase a remote reading sensor and/or register for that meter.  Your plumber will most likely know whether you will need a register included with the remote reading sensor.  If you or your plumber are unsure, we recommend to bring a picture of your meter at the time of pick-up so that we can assist you in making a determination if a register is needed.

Payment Method

  • Payment for the water meter and remote reading sensor can be made by cash, check or credit card (plus a 2.75% credit card fee).


Scheduling of Testing/Programming Meters and Sensors

  • At the time of pick-up, a date will be established for the water meter and/or remote reading sensor to be tested and programmed. If necessary, to postpone the original date call 609-492-6314 to reschedule.

General Contact Information

  • If you have questions please call:

(609) 492-6314

  • Or you can email:

Ashley Bromiley:

Betsy Bartram:  

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