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Municipal court sessions will remain virtual until further notice.  If you have a pending matter scheduled for an upcoming court date or a matter that you would like to schedule, please contact the court at (609) 361-6661 to provide your email address and phone number.

     2022 Court Dates: Court starts at 9:30am on all dates
January 5, 2002 May 4, 2022 August 3, 2022 October 5, 2022
February 2, 2022 June 1, 2022 August 17, 2022 November 9, 2022
March 2, 2022 July 6, 2022 September 7, 2022 December 7, 2022
April 6, 2022 July 20, 2022 September 21, 2022  


Prior to your court appearance:

  • You are required to watch the “Official Municipal Court Opening Statement” prior to entering virtual court by clicking on the link to the right below COURT SESSION INFORMATION. You can watch this at any time. The Judge will ask you if you have done so. By joining the virtual court session you are certifying that you have watched the Opening Statement.
  • You will be able to speak to with the prosecutor once you are admitted to the virtual court room. Please be patient, as the Prosecutor will need to speak with everyone scheduled.  After you speak with the Prosecutor, you will then be admitted back into the virtual courtroom to speak with the Judge. Please do not call the court office once the court session begins, as we will not be able to take your calls at that time.

There are multiple ways of joining your virtual court session, each with different requirements.

  • PC/Mac Laptop or desktop – will require a browser which will run Zoom Meeting as needed. A microphone and video camera are required.
  • Smart Phone – install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app and allow access to your camera and microphone.
  • Call in – You can dial into the proceeding and appear by phone. Dialing *9 during the conference call will raise your hand if you are called on for attendance.

Keys to a successful Zoom Virtual Court Appearance:

  • Set up in a closed room with no noise or other people.
  • Connect to the meeting using your real first and last name on the display.
  • Be sure to allow any connections to audio or video by Zoom.
  • If you are not successful with video, be prepared to call in to the phone number listed with the Zoom meeting information. This number is listed below. It will change from meeting to meeting.
  • If you show up 30 minutes early, someone will be available to test prior to your appearance.

What to do after your court appearance:

If you were given fines in the Municipal Court, we will establish a Time Payment Order, and we will email you with the assessed amount.  You then may log onto to make your payments.

 As per AOC rules, audio and video recording of the proceedings are strictly prohibited. If you would like a copy of the proceeding, you can fill out a judiciary request form which can be found at New Jersey Courts Online.

Long Beach Township Municipal Court is located at 6805 Long Beach Blvd. at the municipal building. 

Office hours are 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Honorable Damian Murray
p: 609-361-6661
f: 609-361-7131
Court Administrator
Maureen Daniels
p: 609-361-6661
f: 609-361-7131