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What Does Adopting A Storm Drain Mean? Do you notice the storm drains in your neighborhood? Have you ever walked past a storm drain and noticed it was not draining properly, it was filled with garbage or it was clogged? If you answered YES to either of these questions, you are well on your way to adopting a storm drain. As a storm drain adopter, you are responsible for notifying public works if there is ever a problem with your storm drain. You will be given an inspection checklist and asked to complete a monthly inspection on the structure of the storm drain at low tide. Look for drains with numbered metal fish discs to adopt. Typically drains on Long Beach Blvd., and portions of Beach Avenue south of Haven Beach are maintained by Ocean County and will not be part of the adoption program. Problems with these drains can be reported to our DPW and the information will be forwarded to the County.

Why Should I Care About Long Beach Township’s Storm Water? Storm water is precipitation that falls as rain, snow, sleet or hail. Pollution on streets, parking lots and yards is washed by precipitation into storm drains, then directly to our bays, lagoons and the Atlantic Ocean. Fertilizer, oil, weed killer, car wash detergent, pet waste, pine needles, letter, etc. ends up in our waters. Storm water Pollution is one of New Jersey’s greatest threats to clean and plentiful water, and that’s why we’re all doing something about it.

How Can You Help? Limit your use of fertilizers and pesticides Properly use and dispose of hazardous products Keep pollution out of storm drains Clean up after your pet Don’t feed wildlife such as ducks and geese in public areas Don’t litter, and recycle items such as containers and newspapers Dispose of yard waste properly Utilize waste pumping stations at marinas.

How do I sign up? If you are interested in adopting a storm drain or finding out more about the adoption program, please call Long Beach Township’s Dept. of Public Works at 609-361-6668. Do your part to protect Long Beach Island.

For more information: please visit Storm Water Pollution Prevention; Storm Water Brochure; Pet Waste Pollution Brochure

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