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The Beach Project taking place on Long Beach Island this summer has been designed, bid and contracted by the Army Corp of Engineers. The Island Municipalities do not schedule or participate in the performance of the Project. All facets of the Project are designed, scheduled and performed through the ACE and their contractor, Great Lakes. We understand from them, that the work performed by these organizations is subject to weather conditions, equipment availability, manpower and other factors that makes exact schedules impossible to set. The Island Municipalities cannot set or anticipate where or when work will be performed on any specific street. The ACE and their contractor make this decision.

The Township Commissioners have remained in contact with ACE on a weekly basis since the Project first set ground in Long Beach Township in 2015. The municipal website is updated with Project information as it is received from the ACE. We share in your disappointment at the decisions made regarding scheduling, the placement of equipment, hours of operation and the numerous inconveniences our residents, visitors and businesses have endured as the Project continues.

The Township has taken meaningful steps to reduce some of the detrimental issues faced by the public. Our free Shuttles are available to transport beachgoers, shoppers, diners and all individuals throughout the summer season. 2016 saw the creation of an entire Transportation Department that oversees not only the free Shuttles, but a small fleet of ATV “Gators” to carry beach patrons over the new dunes. Handicapped lifts have been installed in several locations to assist disabled persons in accessing the beach. Additional handicapped parking spots have been added at street ends.

We share in your frustration at the conflicting information that has been provided by the contractor. Scheduling assurances given us were not honored and as a result, many businesses, renters, home owners and vacationers were faced with considerable challenges.

The Beach Project will soon be completed; your patience and cooperation during the Project has been greatly appreciated.