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Since 2008, the Board of Commissioners have worked together with our Community to improve our beaches and ensure the public’s enjoyment of all the unique activities our Island offers. At that time Long Beach Township had only 7 beaches designated for surfing. As promised by Mayor Mancini, each year additional surfing beaches would be added, and upon the completion of the Army Corp of Engineers Beach Project, all beaches would be open for surfing. By 2016, 21 beaches were designated for surfing. In 2017 we will realize our goal to open all Township ocean beaches to surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing.

Surfing areas on Guarded beaches shall be designated by Blue Flags located on the northerly and southerly boundaries of the swim area (marked by Yellow Flags). For safety purposes, surfing on Guarded and Unguarded beaches shall be subject to water and weather conditions.

Mayor Mancini, Commissioner Bayard and Commissioner Lattanzi understand listening and working together with residents, visitors and all citizens towards common goals is how ideas become reality.

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