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Did you know that oysters are natural filter feeders? Oysters help keep the water clean and clear for underwater grasses and other aquatic life. One oyster can filter more than 50 gallons of water in a single day.  We need oysters to help enrich & clean our Barnegat Bay ecosystem.  The Oyster Recycling Program is a group effort between us (Long Beach Township), Jetty, The Jetty Rock Foundation, Stockton University, & Parson’s Seafood.  We joined together with community restaurants to collect their oyster shells so they can be added to the Tuckerton Reef (a two acre research site that is located in the Middle Grounds area of Little Egg Harbor Bay) and to start new reef sites.

Shellabration is a festival to celebrate our oysters and to raise money for this great project!  Our Barnegat Bay is not only important to our island ecosystem but to our economy.  Come to this great event and support our Bay! For more information please see our Facebook event page!

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