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NOW, THEREFORE , in accordance with the aforesaid laws and recitals, which are incorporated herein by reference, it is promulgated and  declared  that until  further  Order  of the Township, the following emergency restrictions and regulations are effective immediately.

A. Except as provided herein, the terms of this Order shall be effective when the State reopens restaurants for in-person dining and is subject to the terms of the State ‘s regulations to the extent they conflict with the terms set forth

B. All restaurants, including those previously authorized to provide outdoor seating pursuant to Chapter 205 of the Township Code, may seek approval to create and/or expand outdoor seating For purposes of this Order, restaurants shall mean restaurants approved for interior seating and in-person dining and shall not include restaurants that are takeout only and have not received approval for indoor seating. Takeout establishments shall not be permitted to seek the outdoor seating areas authorized by this Order.

C. Subject to the approval of the proposed seating and area layout, at  the  sole and absolute discretion of the Township, restaurants shall be permitted to  create  and/or expand outdoor seating areas into the sidewalk and parking lot areas owned  by  the  Such areas shall be located within  the  property lines of  the  property  owned by the restaurant and allow for a minimum of six (6) feet for pedestrian traffic on sidewalks. The Township’s discretion over the location, scope, setbacks, and size of  outdoor  seating areas and related structures is a b so lu te and the Township may condition approval based upon  such requirements and any other consideration , including, but not limited to, parking requirements, pedestrian safety , neighborhood concerns, and the  public  health, welfare, and safety.

D. The maximum permitted occupancy of a restaurant may be revised at the Township’s discretion in order to ensure that all restaurants comply with the CDC and State recommended social distancing guidelines. In addition, the Township may establish and apportion new maximum occupancy numbers between the inside and outside dining areas. This regulation shall apply to all restaurants, regard less of whether the restaurants apply for outdoor seating pursuant to this

E. In addition to the creation and/or expansion of the  outdoor  seating  areas, restaurants shall be permitted to apply to install temporary awnings, tent s, pergolas, and other structures authorized by the Township to protect the outdoor seating area from the elements.

F. Township restaurants shall be required to apply to the Township for approval to expand their outdo or seating areas. Each applicant shall be required to provide plans establishing the proposed indoor and outdoor sea ting areas, the property lines and location of the proposed seating areas, and the proposed structures to protect the outdoor sea  ting area from the elements. All applications  shall be  approved or denied at  the sole  discretion of the Mayor, Chief of Police, Construction Department, and Health Department and any approval may be subject to additional conditions of approval, including revision s to the maximum seating occupancy in the total or either area , the type or scope of structures, the location  of   the  proposed  areas,  and  so on,    The applications shall be available at the Municipal Clerk’s Office and online on the Township’s website.

Please read the complete order for all details:

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