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Town Wide Yard Sale

May 26

Town Wide Yard Sale
(Rain date May 27)

High Bar Harbor Beach Haven Crest Beach Haven Terrace
65 Butler Rd. 6 E. Jeanette 24 W. Maryland Ave
13300 Beach Ave
Loveladies Peahala Park
29 Panorama South Beach Haven Gardens
18 W. South 34th St
2804 Long Beach Blvd.
North Beach 1 E. 29th Street
13 Bay Shore Road
Brighton Beach
Spray Beach
Brant Beach 2510 Atlantic Avenue
14 W. 44th St. 25 E. 22nd Street
11 E. 32nd St.
8 Dayton Ave.
5 E. 65th St. Beach Haven Park North Beach Haven
4901 Long Beach Blvd 44 Hideaway Drive 16 W. 15th Street
250 W. Farragut Ave. 10101 Highland Ave. 13 Bayshore Road
3408 Ocean Blvd. 5 E. Muriel Ave. 12 W. 13th St.
6112 Ocean Blvd. 17 W. 17th St.
5 W. Sumner Ave.
Beach Haven Heights Haven Beach Holgate
11712 Beach Ave. 2 Centennial Ave
8 W. Colorado Ave. 3605 S. Long Beach Blvd.
113 E. Tennessee Ave. 102 Newport Drive
The Dunes
125 E. MacEvoy Lane
1 E. Ohio Ave


May 26

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